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German Caricature Award 2016

This far and further!
Caricatures are not only fun; they also have the power of using a few strokes of the pen to bring to light truths that cannot be expressed in words or are deliberately and verbosely veiled. They employ satire to mercilessly reveal shortcomings, hypocrisy and bigotry in society, the economy, politics and private life. And they are so effective because they hold up those rare mirrors that cause us to be simultaneously appalled and amused at ourselves. This year the path to the German Caricature Award leads through Bremen! Two newspapers, the Sächsische Zeitung and the WESER-KURIER, have collaborated in order to jointly sponsor the competition and present the award in alternate years in Dresden and Bremen. In 2016 the WESER-KURIER is organizing the awards ceremony and caricaturists' weekend on 12 and 13 November. The main exhibition may be seen at the Weserburg.

This far and further! The 2016 German Caricature Award is devoted to a special theme. The focus is on borders and passages across borders and thus on issues of morality, good taste, religion, gender and of course refugees – in other words, on explosive aspects of a modern, multiform society. Ever since the eighteenth century, (political) caricature has played an important role in art and society in Great Britain, and later particularly in France. One need recall only the pointed drawings of Honoré Daumier or Grandville. Right up to today, the humorous and critical concentration of complex, sometimes contradictory relationships has remained a form with contemporary relevance that is capable of revealing, criticizing and investigating absurdities and shortcomings – often with a sly wink, then once more with a painful, joking poke into the wounds of the mighty and unreasonable. The exhibition at the Weserburg is an impressive presentation of the variety and vitality of the art of caricature in the German-language space.

Die Preise sind vergeben - Geflügelte Bleistifte 2016 in Gold, Silber und Bronze 

Klaus Stuttmann gewinnt den Deutschen Karikaturenpreis 2016. Der zweite Platz geht an BUTSCHKOW für seine Karikatur „Revolution”, den dritten Platz teilen sich in diesem Jahr zwei Preisträger. Er geht an die Bremerin Bettina Bexte für ihre Persiflage „Terrorangst in Deutschland“ und zugleich an AD Karnebogen aus Köln. Der „Geflügelte Bleistift“ in Gold ist mit 5.000 Euro dotiert, der silberne mit 3.000 und der bronzene mit 2.000 Euro. Während der Ausstellung können die Besucher ihre Stimme für den Publikumspreis in die Waagschale werfen. Dieser ist mit 1.000 Euro dotiert. 

Abb. im Uhrzeigersinn 1. Preis: Klaus Stuttmann, 2. Preis: BUTSCHKOW, 3. Preis (geteilt) Bettina Bexte und AD Karnebogen

Competition and Jury

This year – under the motto “This far and further!” – the artists were called upon to visually render their most amusing border transgressions. A total of 228 artists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland submitted 1066 works. The participants included such big names in the field as BECK, Katz&Goldt, Hauck&Bauer, Nicolas Mahler, Til Mette, POLO, Stuttman and Tetsche. And once again, a pleasingly high number of young, up-and-coming artists also entered the competition.

Die Jury 2016

This year the jury of experts consisted of Clemens Ettenauer (Galerie der Komischen Künste, Vienna), Achim Frenz (Caricatura Museum, Frankfurt am Main), Iris Hetscher (WESER-KURIER, Bremen), Olaf Kische (MDR, Saxony), Eva-Maria von Máriássy (Sommerpalais, Greiz), Adalbert Siniawski (Deutschlandfunk, Cologne), Dr. Peter Ufer (Sächsische Zeitung, Dresden) and last year's award recipients Reiner Schwalme, Miriam Wurster and Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde. In the several stages of a voting process, the best works were selected. The choice of this year's award recipients was based not only on subjective criteria, but also on formal aspects such as relevance to the prescribed theme and graphic quality.

Deutscher Karikaturenpreis 2015, 3. Preis: Marunde, Zweite Kasse (Detail)

Exhibition at several sites

The main exhibition is being held at the Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst in Bremen. In parallel, the best submissions will be shown as high-quality reproductions also in Dresden, at the Haus der Presse & Galerie Komische Meister from 16 November 2016 to 5 February 2017. The first station of the traveling exhibition will be Schloss Agathenburg near Hamburg.

The Awards

The German Caricature Award was founded in 2000 by the Sächsische Zeitung and soon developed into one of the most important prizes for caricaturists in the German language space. This year for the first time, the competition is being jointly organized by the Sächsische Zeitung in Dresden and the WESER-KURIER in Bremen, accompanied by the media partners Deutschlandfunk and Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk.


Impressions of the awards ceremony and exhibition opening in 2015. The photographer Michael Schmidt recorded the sixteenth awards ceremony at the Dresdner Schauspielhaus as well as the subsequent exhibition opening – the picture gallery may be viewed  here.

Logo Deutscher Karikaturenpreis


Sonntag, den 13. November 2016 um 11 Uhr im Theater am Goetheplatz. Karten für die Preisverleihung erhalten Sie zwischen 9 und 26 Euro. Bestellung unter: 0421-363636 und

Besucher der Gala und die Museumsfreunde der Weserburg erhalten bereits am Sonntag nach der Preisverleihung exklusiv die Möglichkeit die Ausstellung in der Weserburg zu sehen. Regulär ist sie ab dem 15. November für alle Interessierten geöffnet.

Katalog zum Wettbewerb

Der Katalog zum Wettbewerb ist zum Preis von 17,90 Euro im Museum oder ab dem 14. November bei der Edition Sächsische Zeitung (, im Weser-Kurier Shop ( sowie im Buchhandel erhältlich.


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