Matthias Müller, Alpsee, 1994/2002 (still), Courtesy Sammlung Goetz, © VG Bild-Kunst, 2008
Exhibition | 12.04.2008 - 17.08.2008

The Morning After

For the first time in northern Germany, the Weserburg is affording the opportunity to see a representative selection of videos from the Goetz Collection. Seventeen well-known artistic positions with works from the 1990s to the present have been assembled in the exhibition The Morning After. Among them are expansive video installations, multipart monitor works, as well as large-format video projections that invite visitors to take an engaging walk through the exhibition.

While the torrent of media images exercises more and more influence in all areas of our lives, the works being shown here open up a sobering space that allows an unusual, in part entirely new visual experience. The artists’ videos contrast sharply with our hectic everyday lives. They demand we take a decelerated glance which encounters poetic visual worlds in what we have experienced and dreamed, what is conscious and unconscious seem to become entangled in a singular way.

The Munich-based Goetz Collection is one of the most noted private collections of contemporary art in the world. It owes its distinct profile to the commitment and connoisseurship of Ingvild Goetz, who has assembled a spectrum of contemporary art on a rank with a museum collection that is as comprehensive as it is personal.

In 1997, the Weserburg hosted the large-scale retrospective Arte Povera: Works and Documents from the Goetz Collection 1958 until Today. Thus Ingvild Goetz is no longer a stranger to Bremen, and in past years the Weserburg has time and again had the pleasure of exhibiting works from this outstanding private collection. Ingvild Goetz was one of the first collectors to consistently advocate the new medium of video art. Thus over the years, she has established a collection of media art that is one of the most important of its kind in the world and which is being continuously enriched by new works.

Participating artists:
Janine Antoni, Christoph Brech, Ergin Çavuşoğlu, David Claerbout, Willie Doherty, Johan Grimonprez, Mona Hatoum, Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler, Zilla Leutenegger, Matthew McCaslin, Matthias Müller, Jacco Olivier, Tony Oursler, Paul Pfeiffer, Robin Rhode, Anri Sala, and Frank Stürmer

The exhibition is being generously funded by the Bremer Landesbank.

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