ter Hell, Das Ordnung, 1998, oil on canvas, 180 x 200 cm, Böckmann Collection
Exhibition | 6.11.2015 - 9.04.2016

ter Hell

Works from the Böckmann Collection
The painter ter Hell (*1954), who lives in Berlin, developed a unique visual language in the 1980s. He combines elements of German Informalism with aspects of the Abstract Expressionism of the New York School as well as of Graffiti Art. This gives rise to works that link an abstract, directly gestural painting with subcultural forms of expression. ter Hell repeatedly integrates fragmentary sentences and language characters that he provocatively inserts with a spray can into his pictures as legible messages. In contrast to the “Young Wild Ones” who were en vogue at the time with their figurative, sometimes harshly colored neo-expressive pictures, ter Hell keeps to a non-figurative but equally vehement and gestural mode of painting. Remaining palpable and legible in this art is a stance of resistance, a criticism of existing conditions and thus also a political attitude on the part of the artist. This makes ter Hell a fascinating and well-worth-seeing figure of contrast to an artistic movement that is currently experiencing what is perhaps too one-sided a revival.
ter Hell: Tanz den Adolf Schulze II, 1981, acrylic & varnish on nettle, 160 x 145 cm, Böckmann Collection

On display are around 40 works from the Böckmann Collection. Dr. Georg Böckmann has been closely associated with the Weserburg ever since its foundation. He accompanied the art of ter Hell from the beginning and today owns an impressive collection of his art spanning three decades of creative output. Appearing on the occasion of the exhibition is a catalogue with reproductions of all the works on display as well as texts by Peter Friese and Guido Boulboullé, along with an interview of the artist by Detlef Stein.

ter Hell: Genom und Masse 2, 2000, acrylic & spray on canvas, 240 x 280 cm, Böckmann Collection
ter Hell: Genom und Masse 2, 2000, acrylic & spray on canvas, 240 x 280 cm, Böckmann Collection

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