Eduardo Arroyo, Jazzpaña, 1992, ACT Art Collection, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015
Exhibition | 23.04.2015 - 25.10.2015


Works from the ACT Art Collection
Music and the visual arts can make it possible to experience quite unexpected interplays and reciprocal influences. As an art collector and jazz producer, Siggi Loch has bridged the gap between music and the visual arts in an exemplary manner. He has inspired numerous musicians to write compositions in response to pictures; not infrequently, he has selected for his collection works of art that engage in a dialogue with music. Many international works from his collection may also be found as cover motifs on the jazz CD's of ACT Music.
Jiri Geller, Sugared II (2), 2013, ACT Art Collection

Under the title “ART IN MUSIC | Works from the ACT Art Collection,” the Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst is presenting these special aspects in a comprehensive exhibition from 23 April to 25 October 2015. The selection of the works on display focuses on the top echelon of the collection, including works by Bruce Nauman, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol, as well as on new acquisitions from the last four years, among which are never-before-publicly-displayed pictures and sculptures by such artists as Katharina Grosse, Olafur Eliasson, Daniel Richter, Gert & Uwe Tobias, Jiri Geller and Philip Taaffe.

Werner Büttner, E per la Musica, 1990, ACT Art Collection

The collector and music producer considers this unusual and unique juxtaposing and intermingling of visual art and jazz to be the basis of unexpected and hence non-plannable interactions and special aesthetic experiences. And what is more — if Siggi Loch has adopted “Connecting the Unexpected” as the motto of his professional and collecting activities, then he cannot simply be referring to the proverbial “sound of images.” Instead, by means of deliberate contrasts and oppositions between visual and acoustic phenomena, he constantly seeks to generate a third element, something new. In this sense, the works selected from the ACT Art Collection reflect an amazingly wide spectrum of contemporary artistic production and focus especially on aspects of the jazz-music scene which they interpret in an individual manner.

Dexter Gordon in Kopenhagen, 1963, Foto and © Siggi Loch

In parallel, the Weserburg is presenting (until June 28) photographs by Siggi Loch in which he recorded his encounters with music greats over the last fifty years. With their documentary orientation, these images complement the works of art from the ACT Art Collection with an extremely vital contemporary component.

A catalogue will appear on the occasion of the exhibition.

Following the opening speeches on 22.04.2015 a concert with Iiro Rantala (piano) and Jukka Perko (sax) will take place.

An exhibition in cooperation with jazzahead 2015.


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