Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse, Lift Portrait 1, Ponte City, Johannesburg, 2008, Sammlung von Kelterborn, courtesy Goodman Gallery
Exhibition | 9.10.2014 - 28.02.2015

Young Collections 02

Come and See – von Kelterborn Collection
The second exhibition in the series “Young Collections” presents works from the Frankfurt private collection von Kelterborn. The focus of this extraordinary collection is on socially oriented, philosophically profound, but also politically explosive works by well-known international artists. The collector couple von Kelterborn is convinced that art enables us to render the “present” comprehensible in its complexity, in its contradictions and cruelties, but also in its thoroughly positive potential, and allows us to experience it with both the senses and the mind. They are particularly interested in photo- and video-works. But there are also places in this distinctive collection for Conceptual Art as well as for neon sculptures working with language and texts. At the Weserburg, the collection will be presented to a wider public for the first time.

The exhibition title “Come and See” is not only a friendly invitation to the visitors of the Weserburg; it originally refers to the Soviet anti-war film by the director Elem Klimow from 1985. The film, which already during his youth made a lasting impression on the collector Mario von Kelterborn, presents a traumatized society confronted with the horrors of the Second World War. The artists of this exhibition react to the social conflicts of our own era in a similarly persuasive, sometimes disturbing manner. 

The artists' collective Claire Fontaine, with the neon work “Sell your debt,” makes a profound commentary on the financial world, which can nowadays be understood only by a few select experts but has widespread impact on all of us. Taryn Simon focuses on international politics. In her large-format work “Avatar,” she presents a man who was digitally created with the help of photographs of various political figures such as John McCain and Fidel Castro. Questions arise with an insistent urgency with regard to power, arbitrariness and opportunism. Homo politicus becomes an enigmatic, quite dubious character. 

With his multipartite video installation “The Enclave,” the Irish artist Richard Mosse offers oppressive insights into eastern Congo. In that country, rebel groups and warlords dictate people's everyday lives. Mosse uses a special infra-red film that was originally developed for the military to uncover camouflages. The green tones of the lush landscape are thereby transformed into a psychedelic red. This work, which could already be seen at the Venice Biennale, conveys a terrifying, fascinating view of a brutal conflict that receives little attention in worldwide public opinion.

Art such as is to be found in the von Kelterborn Collection, offers no cheap solutions. Instead, it uses aesthetic means to bring to light the complex contradictions, but also the freedom and potential of human coexistence.

Participating Artists:
Maria José Arjona, Stuart Bird, Nathalie Djurberg, Teboho Edkins, Claire Fontaine, Jochen Gerz, Gary Hill, Clemens Krauss, Thomas Locher, Bjørn Melhus, Richard Mosse, Tatsumi Orimoto, Anke Röhrscheid, Taryn Simon, Mikhael Subotzky, Mariana Vassileva, Corinne Wasmuht, Hu Weiyi, Tobias Zielony 

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Waldemar Koch Stiftung und der Museumsfreunde Weserburg. 

Die Realisierung der raumgreifenden Installation von Richard Mosse wird ermöglicht mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Deutschen Factoring Bank.

Das Kommunalkino CITY 46 zeigt als Kooperationspartner den Film "Komm und sieh" von Elem Klimow: Donnerstag, 6. November und Sonntag, 9. November um 20.30 Uhr sowie Samstag, 8. November um 18 Uhr. www.city46.de

New Exhibition Format

With the series “Young Collections,” the Weserburg is initiating a new exhibition concept in 2014. Two times per year, works of art will be displayed from a young private collection which has not previously presented itself to the public in this form. Thus the museum allows its visitors to participate in up-to-date trends of international art and in the complex relationship of that art to the present. These collections first in the process of being developed allow the Weserburg to convey exciting insights into what moves younger generations. At the same time, as a “collectors' museum the Weserburg is creating a new profile for itself with regard to its own future. An auspicious start was already made in March with the Hamburg collection of Dominic and Cordula Sohst-Brennenstuhl in the exhibition “Young Collections 01. Zero-Point of All Sites.”

Gesprächszeit "2 nach 1"

Interview mit dem Kunstsammler Mario von Kelterborn im nordwestradio am 18.10.2014



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