Volker Hüller, Looking through Bette Davis’s Eyes, 2010, Sammlung Dominic und Cordula Sohst-Brennenstuhl
Exhibition | 28.03.2014 - 13.09.2014

Young Collections 01

Nullpunkt aller Orte - Collection Dominic und Cordula Sohst-Brennenstuhl
In this exhibition, a young Hamburg private collection is being presented for the first time to a wider public. It consists of works by artists who belong primarily to the generation of the collector couple themselves. This correspondence is very important to Dominic and Cordula Sohst-Brennenstuhl. That which the two of them are capable of discovering in art is closely related to their own thinking, to their own perceptions, inquiries, and realizations. If one is inclined in this regard to consider contemporary art to be “the art of our era,” then that which inspires and fascinates the two collectors with regard to artistic expressions, even while remaining enigmatic, may be compared with a particular, highly differentiated experience both of time in general and of its present manifestation. This exciting capacity of art and the experiences connected to it are relevant to both the private sphere and the social realm. Dominic and Cordula Sohst-Brennenstuhl are strongly motivated and deeply committed to making art an essential part of their life and to being involved with it on a daily basis.

The Collection Sohst-Brennenstuhl consists of an astounding variety of media, from delicate drawings past paintings and sculptures all the way to space-encompassing installations. Conceptual positions stand alongside figurative painting. The large format encounters the miniature. The exhibition is opened by an impressive kinetic wall-installation by Jorinde Voigt. Eight enameled propellers bearing inscriptions rotate silently at various speeds. Ceaselessly arising are various combinations and rhythms which may be individually controlled by means of a switch box.

Making use of a surprising combination of simple mirroring glass and black industrial lamps, Alicja Kwade creates an extraordinary parallel world―this is also the title of her work. For his part, Volker Hüller presents different paintings and sculptures which treat historical references in a clever and richly referential manner, and which self-confidently develop new pictorial ideas out of already familiar material. 

The title of the exhibition refers to a small, same-named light sculpture by Jorinde Voigt which forms a luminous circle. The “zero point of all sites” (Roland Barthes) in no way indicates a final point. Instead it constitutes a highly productive emptiness out of which there arises anew both thought and work. It serves as a point of origin from which the artists and, along with them, the collector couple from Hamburg depart on a journey into the unknown. 

Participating artists: Thomas Baldischwyler, Michael Conrads, Jenny Feldmann, Volker Hüller, Florian Hüttner, Till Krause, Alicja Kwade, Rupprecht Matthies, Monika Michalko, Timo Nasseri, Hoda Tawakol, Malte Urbschat, Jorinde Voigt, Ralf Weißleder.


Es erscheint Anfang September 2014 ein begleitender Katalog mit 96 Seiten, zahlreichen Bildern und Texten zu allen Künstlerinnen und Künstlern, sowie ein Vorwort von Peter Friese und ein Interview mit den beiden Sammlern geführt von Christine Breyhan. Ermöglicht mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Waldemar Koch Stiftung. 

New Exhibition Format

With the series “Young Collections,” the Weserburg is initiating in 2014 a new exhibition format. Twice each year, there will be presented works of art coming from a young private collection which has not yet been on public display in this form. The museum thereby allows its visitors to participate in brand-new tendencies of international art and to explore their complex relationship to the present. For the Weserburg, these collections in the process of formation guarantee exciting insights into the motivating impulses of younger generations. At the same time, it is creating for itself as a “collectors' museum” a new profile for its own future.


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