Research Centre for Artists’ Publications

With over 40 different archives, bequests, funds, and collections, the Research Centre for Artists’ Publications represents one of the largest and most significant inventories of published artworks in Europe. It counts among the most important institutions worldwide in the field of artists’ publications due to its outstanding inventories, its numerous exhibitions, and its tailored research activities.

Comparable to a “museum within a museum,” the Research Centre constitutes an independent section within the Weserburg | Museum for Modern Art and is cofunded by the University of Bremen and the Weserburg. From an institutional standpoint, it can be simultaneously considered an archive, a research institute, and a museum. The archive inventory and the research of its multifarious contexts form the foundation not only for museal presentation but also for related exhibitions and events. Moreover, the Research Centre also embodies the role of a special library, media center, and documentation center.

The objective of the Research Centre is to compile artists’ publications from the 1950s and onwards—securing, researching, and disseminating these as cultural artifacts. Accordingly, the Research Centre also strives to localize artists’ publications in the context of their societal, political, and economic implications. Despite all political barriers, published artworks have made it possible for an alternative art scene to foster an international network.

The Research Centre with its three sections—collection inventory, research, and exhibitions—could thus be designated as a “research museum” or a “European museum.” For one, the inventory forms the basis for research, with the research in turn simultaneously providing a motive for expanding the archive. In addition, European contemporary art history can be presented with the aid of the comprehensive inventory, for artists’ publications represent the first collaborative European art tradition after the Second World War and posit European cultural space in its international context.


What are Artists' Publications?



Eröffnung "Geza Perneczky. concepts like commentary": Donnerstag, 28. Januar, 19 Uhr. Der Künstler ist anwesend

NEU: Radio im Fluss. Jeden Dienstag 21 Uhr. Auch über Antenne 92,5 MHz, Radio Weser TV

Forschungsverbund Künstlerpublikationen

Der Forschungsverbund Künstlerpublikationen ist von Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern der Universität Bremen, der Jacobs University Bremen, der Hochschule für Künste, der Forschungsstelle Osteuropa und dem Studienzentrum für Künstlerpublikationen / WESERBURG gegründet worden.


Radio as Art

Durch technische und kulturelle Entwicklungen begünstigt, entwickelte sich besonders seit den 1960er Jahren eine neue Form der Kunst – die Radiokunst.


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