Gerd Rohling: Immer im Bilde – Rouge, 2009 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2013. Foto: Gerd Rohling
Exhibition | 22.02.2013 - 29.06.2013

Gerd Rohling

Inside | Outside
The exhibition "Inside—Outside" presents the most recent works of the artist Gerd Rohling (*1946, Krefeld) from the Sammlung Böckmann, Berlin, along with several works from his studio. The main focus is on such work series as "Immer im Bild—Rouge" or "Sweet ,n' Sour," which have been created during the last five years, and with which the artist demonstrates the wide spectrum of his artistic language, from painting past sculpture all the way to film, in a playful handling of quite simple materials.

In his works, Gerd Rohling always addresses the potential form of existence: For him, the world is a vast picture, or a mosaic consisting of an infinite number of images. And he himself, the artist, is always in this picture, moving within it as a protagonist who twists it into shape, extends it, and thereby creates another, a new picture which, from time to time, brings to the fore the vanishing point of another world. With the mysterious narrative of his works, he is able to bring into view fundamental themes of our contemporary existence, such as the dominance of media-driven communication and its insinuating impact of the world-view of society, or the increasing dissolution of the borders between private and public space. 

Gerd Rohling numbers among the great mavericks in the art of our time. Again and again, this artist residing in Berlin goes out into the world for the purpose of working on his comprehensive artistic projects at places such as Accra, Naples, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Mumbai, or Liverpool. With his exhibition at the Weserburg, conceived as a total installation, Gerd Rohling is in a certain sense returning to the harbor of his early youth. For here—or more precisely, in Bremerhaven—during the mid-nineteen-sixties he signed on as a ship's steward on the "Bremen" and, until taking up his art studies, embarked for several years upon a journey across the seven seas.

Accompanying the exhibition is a catalogue with numerous illustrations and a text by Carsten Ahrens (German/English).

The exhibition is being supported by the Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung.


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