What Are Artists’ Publications?

In the second half of the twentieth century, artists moved beyond the art-immanent space to create, supported by mass-media techniques, published artworks. These works challenged the traditional system of art and the classification system of museums. In the 1950s and 1960s, graphic collections only occasionally had record of such works, and museums in general tended to rarely note them. Their roots can be traced to the avant-garde of the 1920s, such as Futurism and Dadaism.

Artists’ publications include all forms of expression endeavored by artists with potential multiplication in mind—released either by the artists themselves, that is, through self-publication, or by a publisher using automated production methods.
The term “artists’ publications” is used as an umbrella phrase for all forms of published artworks. It comprehends all works by artists that are multiplied, released, or published. Thus, artists’ publications are, at the same time, also manifestations of information and communication. Here, the book or the record, for example, may become the medium of artistic creation for the artist. It goes to follow that artists’ publications comprise over 20 different art forms and subforms:

  • artists’ books
  • multiples, book objects
  • artists’ newspapers and magazines
  • ephemera such as posters and invitations designed by artists
  • photo editions
  • postcards, artists’ postage stamps, stickers
  • graphic works, Xerox copies, stamp graphics
  • sound art (on records, cassette tapes, audio CDs), radio art
  • multimedia editions on CD-ROM and DVD
  • artists’ videos and films
  • net art, computer art

Of focus here are artworks that, in the artist’s view, enjoy the same status and artistic value as a painting or an installation. The low pricing of these works has actually been intentional, since anyone interested should have the opportunity to acquire a work of art. The price should not erect a barrier but instead encourage people to start an “art collection in miniature.” Works from all artistic currents dating from the 1950s can be discovered throughout the world—ranging from the Fluxus movement, to mail art, pop art, visual and concrete poetry, land art, and to computer art of the twenty-first century.


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