Exhibition Zentrum | 28.10.2001 - 06.01.2002

Malerbücher – Künstlerbücher

Exhibition Zentrum | 15.06.2001 - 07.10.2001

Printed in Spain

Künstlerpublikationen der 60er bis 80er Jahre aus Spanien
Exhibition Zentrum | 04.02.2001 - 06.05.2001

out of print

Works from the Collections
“Out of time” means “outmoded,” “no longer current,” and it may remind some of the Rolling Stones’ song of the same name from 1966. It could also literally mean “removed from time” and thus indicate the actual theme and intention of this exhibition. What are being shown are primarily works that deal with the experience of time: with the progression of time, but also with the vain attempt to stop it. Some of the works explore the problem of presentability, the possibility and the impossibility of visualizing something, of expressing something by means of an image.