Exhibition Studienzentrum | 9.03.2012 - 13.05.2012

Roma Publications

This exhibition features the publications released from 1998 onwards by Roma Publications, the publishing house founded in Amsterdam by the artist Mark Manders and the graphic designer Roger Willems. In close collaboration with artists and writers, Roma Publications has produces individual and very diverse publications in editions ranging from two to 150,000 copies. Their artists’ books, artists’ magazines as well as the graphic works they release are circulated widely, as supplements in other publications or as “give aways”.
Wouter van Riessen: Inner Glow, Roma Publication 157

Mark Manders and Roger Willems remain independent from institutions or commercial publishing houses and the books produced by Roma Publications are, for the most part, low-budget projects. Artistic freedom is essential to their work and enables them to realize each publication exactly as conceived by its author, without time constraints or concessions. Mark Manders, the creator of numerous installations, also conceives of the book as an object and as an exhibition space, to which he devotes himself with enthusiasm.

From this starting point, the move towards activity as a curator was a logical step. Also for the presentation at the Museum Weserburg, Manders and Willems where taking care for the display of their publishing programme! Roma Publication 179 by Arnoud Holleman appears on the occasion of the exhibition in the Research Centre for Artists’ Publications.

Batia Suter / Surface Series, Roma Publication 160

The Research Centre for Artists’ Publications was able to acquire the complete catalogue of Roma Publications (more than 150 publications) with the support of the Knecht-Drenth Fonds/Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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