Manfred Förster

Künstler/Bücher 2005-2013

Catalogue/Artist's Book in conjunction with the exhibition "Manfred Förster: Künstler/Bücher" in the Centre for Artists' Publications | Weserburg,  18th September 2015 to 17th January 2016

Photo-Artist's book conceived by Manfred Förster, about his books on Victoria Bell, Hans Delfosse, Mic Enneper, Gerrit Göllner/Jon Shelton, Horst Hahn, Jannis Kounellis, Gereon Krebber, Heinrich Küpper, Norbert Prangenberg, Thomas Rentmeister, Inge Schmidt, Michael Toenges, Peter Tollens and Josef Wolf.

Texts by Bettina Brach and Jens Peter Koerver.

Ed.: Bettina Brach, Centre for Artists' Publications | Weserburg, Bremen

100 pages, German, 100 copies numbered and signed.

Price: 28.00 €
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