Mark Harrington, Morning, 2002, Acryl auf Leinwand, Sammlung Dr. Joachim Kaske, Berg
Exhibition | 29.04.2011 - 15.10.2011

Mark Harrington

Between Spaces
Horizontal lines and structures dominate the abstract paintings by the American painter Mark Harrington. In an elaborate process, he uses various tools to draw tangible traces into the layers of the impasto, still wet acrylic paint. By doing so, his works becomes “readable” in the sense of lines that have been “inscribed,” as it were, into them. Harrington stresses the fact that he and his paintings have a direct relationship to jazz. And by the same token, his works inspire jazz pianist Michael Wollny and vibraphonist Christopher Dell to create new sounds. All three artists even speak of the synergies and affinities in their work. And all three are on equally intimate terms with the collector and music producer Siggi Loch.

Parallel to jazzahead 2011, the Weserburg is mounting an exhibition of a selection of works by Harrington presented in combination with a concert grand standing in the center of the space. This instrument will be played at the opening on Friday, April 29th, and on a number of further occasions during the exhibition.

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