Fünfmeterweiter, 2009 (Filmstill)
kek Kindermuseum | 19.11.2009 - 28.11.2009


Film, multimedia, sounds, live performance, and a generic project on the Spring of Art 2009
Fünfmeterweiter is CUTone Network Bremen’s most recent work. The exhibition will open with an artistic film documentation of Bremen’s Spring of Art 2009. The generic project will commence following the premiere on November 19 at 7:00 p.m.: a space-consuming installation with several monitors presents the original film material in a surprising flux of constantly new images and sounds. Thus state-of-the-art technological means enables the creation of a new form of artistic presentation.

In the course of various editing processes, a combination of film, sound, and text developed that in a multimedia presentation reflects the creative potential of the metropolitan region of northwestern Germany. For those who were unable to experience the Spring of Art 2009, this project recreates the atmosphere, generates an artistic document for all the participants, and provides a stimulus for the upcoming Spring of Art.

A variety of further projects developed in addition to the forty-five-minute film—a remix CD with an exclusive composition by the trip-hop duo DJ Riskut & Bot as well as limited-edition works by Uwe Kirsch and Wolfgang Spelmans. A tour is planned to the various associated institutes in the region as well as a limited-edition DVD of the Fünfmeterweiter film.

A project by Uwe Kirsch, Wolfgang Spelmans, and Gunnar Ebert.
Further information at www.cutone.de


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