Fluxus and Friends

Collection Maria & Walter Schnepel

Catalogue in conjunction with the exhibition at the Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, the Fondazione Morra, Naples and the Kunst Museum Bonn, 2002

Curator: Thomas Deecke

Fluxus and Friends is the title of the catalogue accompanying the exhibition, because it includes works from the Fluxus movement as well as Fluxus-related art, e.g., by from Joseph Beuys (D) to George Brecht (USA), from Marcel Duchamp (F) to Ben Vautier (F), from John Cage (USA) to Bob Watts (USA), from Robert Filliou (F) to Giuseppe Chiari (I), from Richard Hamilton (GB) to Joe Jones (USA), from Milan Knizak (CZ) to Nam June Paik (Korea), from Joseph Beuys (D) to K. H. Stockhausen (D), from Dick Higgins (USA) to Dieter Roth (D), from Al Hansen (USA) to Addi Køpke (DAN), from André Thomkins (CH) to Wolf Vostell (D), and by many others.

Catalogue: Walter Schnepel
Assistant: Catherine Dünser
Introduction: Thomas Deecke

Ed. Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen 2002
224 pages, 154 color illustrations

Price: 34.00 €
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