Cindy Sherman, Untitled #418, 2004, Olbricht Collection, Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York
Exhibition | 19.05.2018 - 24.02.2019

Cindy Sherman

Works from the Olbricht Collection
In a large solo exhibition the Weserburg is presenting over sixty photographic works by the American artist Cindy Sherman from almost all phases of her extensive oeuvre. This is the first time that so large a collection of pictures by the world-renowned artist is being presented to view in northern Germany. The works represent a special highlight within the Olbricht Collection. Cindy Sherman has the public reputation of being an important feminist artist. The works collected by Thomas Olbricht make it clear that such a characterization does not do justice to the variety of her oeuvre in its entirety. It is true that the artist has enormously enriched the debates about “female identity,” about socially based behavior patterns and concomitant expectations and clichés. But the focus of this exhibition is on existential themes: dreams, fears and sometimes disturbing and terrifying fantasies of violence and death. Thus the presentation fosters a deeper understanding of the oeuvre of this important artist. [more...]
Andrzej Karmasz, Self-portrait. Nigerian woman from Fulani tribe, 2007, Signum Foundation
Exhibition | 16.03.2018 - 02.09.2018

Where Does Your Heart Belong?

Works from the Signum Foundation
The exhibition, which appeals to both the head and the heart, offers insights into an outstanding Polish private collection. The conceptually vivid selection of works on display here is being shown in this form for the first time in Germany. The works come from the Signum Foundation that was established by Hanna and Jarosław Przyborowski in 2002 and is based in Poznań but also located in Łódź and Venice. The range of media extends from painting past sculpture to Performance and Process Art; from photography past neon-textual works and Concept Art all the way to extremely provocative and disturbing self-stagings in which traditional role patterns are critically examined. The list of participating artists reads like a Who’s Who? of Polish art. [more...]
David Hepp, absehen, 2018, Foto: Franziska von den Driesch. Marmorskulptur an der Außenfassade der Weserburg
Exhibition | 30.06.2018 - 14.10.2018


Master Pupil Exhibition of the University of the Arts Bremen. Karin Hollweg Prize 2018
The title MESH already sounds the central note: art can also be understood as a texture that connects things and holds them together. This is a matter of meaningful references and interconnections in which the focus is on the relationship between subject and community, between individual statements and their dynamic interplay. This interwoven connectedness serves as a conceptual model for the 2018 Master Pupil Exhibition of the University of the Arts Bremen. This year fourteen artists are presenting their most recent works. On display is the entire spectrum from drawing, painting and sculpture all the way to space-encompassing installations, video, performance and a kinetic sound object. MESH thereby offers a multifaceted perspective with regard to the quality and diversity of the current art scene in Bremen. A special highlight of the opening evening is the awarding of the Karin Hollweg Prize. [more...]
Cia Rinne: ‘you could’, Entwurf (2013) zur Serie l’usage du mot, 2017
Exhibition Zentrum | 13.04.2018 - 29.07.2018

Cia Rinne

Notes for Listeners
The oeuvre of Cia Rinne is one of the most important contemporary manifestations of the evolutions arising from the concrete, visual and audio poetry from the 1950s to the 1980s and invites us to reposition this artistic and literary current within its contemporary and historical context. According to the various supports employed, Cia Rinne’s works can be either seen or heard in this cabinet exhibition. On the one hand, Rinne exploits writing and the written word in an aesthetic way, creating visual poetry within the framework of artists’ books and graphic works. On the other hand, she also works with spoken language, presenting her multi-lingual poems in an ultra-precise voice performance in the form of sound poetry. Cia Rinne is a polyglot poet, employing mostly a hybrid of English, German and French.[more...]
herman de vries, from earth, rousillon, 1990, Erdausreibung auf Papier, Sammlung BFA /Foto: Peter Cox
Exhibition Zentrum | 04.05.2018 - 21.10.2018

herman de vries

Artists Books, Editions, and Works on Paper
Works from the Collection of the Brokken Zijp Foundation of Art. This exhibition is dedicated to the work of the Dutch artist herman de vries. It presents a retrospective of his vast body of edited works, situating them within the context of his fascinating artistic cosmos. Among the most characteristic and best-known editions of herman de vries are his “earth rubbings“, such as the "library of earth colours 1993-2005" (2005) – rubbing earth onto paper with his fingers, he has now assembled more than 8,000 different soils from all over the world – or his dried and pressed plants on white cardboard in boxes.[more...]
Robert Therrien: Ohne Titel (Butterfly), 1990, Sammlung Lafrenz © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2010
Works of Art from the Collections

Minimal. Here and Now

Works from the Lafrenz Collection
The Lafrenz Collection has substantially influenced the self-concept and image of the Weserburg, the collector’s museum in the middle of the river Weser, since its inception. As early as the 1970s, the Hamburg-based pharmacist Dr. Klaus Lafrenz had assembled a powerful and unmistakable collection of key positions in Minimal Art, Conceptual Art, Arte Povera, and related art trends from the United States and Europe. What particularly stands out is their questioning of the media and materials as well as of the basic conditions of the artist’s perception of these. Indeed, most of Lafrenz’s paintings, sculptures, and installations do not represent anything in a mimetic sense, do not depict anything that might exist outside of themselves. Instead, they create in a sensorial way unmistakable situations and confrontations that are immediately transferred into the space and ultimately to the viewer as well. [more...]


The Foundation Board appoints Janneke de Vries as the new director of the Weserburg. She will succeed Peter Friese from 1 October 2018. [more]

Free admission for children and adolescents

From January 2018, the Sparkasse Bremen AG will allow all children and adolescents up to the age of 18 free admission to the Weserburg.

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