Sigmar Polke, Untitled, 2006, Photo: Joachim Fliegner
Exhibition | 11.03.2007 EXTENDED UNTIL 28.05.2007

Paint it blue

Works from the ACT Art Collection | Siegfried Loch
For years now, the ACT Art Collection of the Munich-based jazz producer Siegfried Loch has been developing a very special focus. Since purchasing the painting Blauklang by Ernst Wilhelm Nay, the collector has concentrated more and more on the theme of the color blue. Thus over the years, a thematically-bound collection has evolved that revolves around the fascination with the color blue in works by outstanding artists of our time.

In the history of art and literature, the color blue has always played a special role. The poetic dimension of infinite space has always mirrored itself in azure, in the immateriality of the sky. In his pathbreaking essay “On the Spiritual in Art,” Wassily Kandinsky wrote: “The deeper the blue, the more it beckons us into the finite, arousing a longing for purity and the supersensuous. It is the color of the heavens just as we imagine it, when we hear the word heaven.” From the blue grotto and the blue flower of Romanticism with Novalis to the I. K. B., the International Klein Blue, the color blue has always been associated with a boundless gaze. “First there is nothing, then deep nothing, and finally blue depth,” wrote Gaston Bachelard.

Thus it is no wonder that even for contemporary artists, blue has lost nothing of its appeal, its power, and its seduction when gauging the panorama of human existence. And it is no accident that the blue note sounds in the depth of the color blue and the limitless expanse of jazz. For since the beginning of modernity, visual artists have made out genuine art in the music of the avant-garde. “I envy you very much,“ Kandinsky writes to Schönberg, “how immensely fortunate . . . musicians are in their highly advanced art, truly an art which has already had the good fortune to forgo completely all purely practical aims. How long will painting have to wait for this?”

As an art collector and jazz producer, Siegfried Loch has time and again forged links between music and visual art. He has inspired numerous artists to write compositions to paintings in his collection, frequently selecting works for his collection that reflect the dialogue between music and art. Many of these works, for instance by Georg Baselitz, Thomas Demand, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Imi Knoebel, Jonathan Lasker, Martin Noel, Gerhard Richter, or Jerry Zeniuk, appear on the covers of jazz CDs released by ACT Music + Vision.

Under the title Paint it blue, the Weserburg, Europe’s first collector’s museum, will present these very special aspects—as they can only be focused on in a private collection—in a comprehensive exhibition. In addition, in the show Love of My Life, the Weserburg is showing photographs by Siegfried Loch in which he has captured on film his encounters with the great artists of the music scene of the past fifty years.

The catalogue accompanying Paint it blue will include all of the exhibited works as well as numerous aphorisms by poets, philosophers, and artists on the phenomenon of the color blue.

The exhibition will open on March 10, 2007, at 6:00 p.m. at the Weserburg, parallel to the opening of the Jazzahead! fair.

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