Horst Müller, Das Rendezvous (zwei Werkstattuhren), 1985, private collection Bremen, Photo: Joachim Fliegner
Exhibition | 1.12.2007 - 2.03.2008

Out of time

Werke aus den Sammlungen
Out of time hat etwa die Bedeutung von "unzeitgemäß", "nicht mehr aktuell" und manche mögen sich noch an den gleichnamigen Song der Rolling Stones aus dem Jahr 1966 erinnert fühlen. Wörtlich könnte es auch "Aus der Zeit heraus" heißen und träfe damit das eigentliche Thema und die Intention dieser Ausstellung. Gezeigt werden vor allem Werke, die mit Zeiterfahrungen zu tun haben: mit gelebter Zeit, mit dem Fortschreiten von Zeit, aber auch mit dem vergeblichen Versuch, sie anzuhalten. Einige Werke beschäftigen sich aber auch mit dem Problem der Darstellbarkeit, den Möglichkeiten und der Unmöglichkeit etwas zu veranschaulichen, ins Bild zu bringen.

Artists such as Roman Opalka, On Kawara, and Hanne Darboven are regarded as virtual specialists in matters of time. Their serial works thematicize time as documented, written down, experienced, and past; it becomes visible, at times even audible.

Jochen Gerz even suggests that a large stone wants to return to the catapult, thus broaching the issue of the irreversibility of an occurrence. In an almost unbelievable way, Horst Müller’s double clock demonstrates time that appears to be running backward: while the dial on one clock measures time in the direction of the future, the other one measures it backward, in the direction of the past.

And in a white space bathed in light, an approximately 200-year-old Buddha from Japan meditates opposite the gray painting awash with numbers by the Polish artist Roman Opalka while his voice consonantally mumbles number for number in Polish. Christian Boltanski’s video installation Entre Temps is also meditative: in a very slow succession of cross-fades, it shows his face gradually changing between the ages of seven and sixty.

The works interact; they complement each other much like a relationship network in which questions are posed, insight gained, and light is shed on artistic approaches. All in All, OUT OF TIME invites visitors to literally spend time on the third floor of the museum and to gain experience that goes beyond day-to-day life.

Artists: Michael Badura, Achim Bertenburg, Christian Boltanski, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Hanne Darboven, Gaylen Gerber, Jochen Gerz, Franz Gertsch, Gotthard Graubner, On Kawara, Dieter Kiessling, Adolf Luther, Heinz Mack, Horst Müller, Jean Luc Mylayne, Otto Piene, Roman Opalka, Gerhard Richter, Norbert Schwontkowski, Rosemarie Trockel, Günther Uecker, Günter Umberg, unknown Japanese artist (ca. 1800), Lawrence Weiner.

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Out of time

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