Hans Otte, Klanghaus, (1989/1991)
Exhibition Zentrum | 5.12.2006 - 11.02.2007

Hans Otte

Artist’s Publications and Scores
Hans Otte is one of the most well-known composers of New Music in the world and counts among the most important musical protagonists in Bremen. His compositions, such as The Book of Sounds (1979–82) or the Book of Hours (1991–98) are performed throughout the world; he wrote history with his festival and broadcasting series pro musica nova at Radio Bremen.

Otte’s music is characterized by his need to discover the nature of sounds. He wants to "provide opportunities for identification by making a new musical world visible behind what is familiar and given, such as, for example, harmonious sounds.” His artistic work, marked by intermediality, developed originating with music, acting and film, the drawing and watercolor, all the way to sound installations and sound spaces.

Unlike earlier exhibitions on Hans Otte’s work, the Neues Museum Weserburg is going to present manifestations of his musical work since the sixties: records and CDs, original scores and plays, photographs and posters. A listening station will enable visitors to experience Otte’s works acoustically and listen in on his fascinating world of sound. The artistic works include drawings, watercolors, texts, and books.

Hans Otte, Klanghaus, (1989/1991)

Reopening of the House of Sound at the Neues Museum Weserburg After an extensive technical general overhaul, with the reopening of the House of Sound (1989/91), a permanent spatial installation by Hans Otte in the Neues Museum Weserburg, one of his most important sound installations is again accessible to the public. Visitors can walk through eight different sound zones in this interactive spatial installation, zones reminiscent of "breath, wind, prana, white, or oceanic noise.” The multifaceted qualities of sound can be perceived throughout the entire listening area.

On December 5, a concert is taking place on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition in celebration of Hans Otte’s eightieth birthday. Two of his early works, face à face (1965) and Daidalos (1960) will be performed.

This exhibition by the Research Center for Artist’s Publications is taking place in cooperation with Radio Bremen, the projektgruppe neue musik (pgnm), and the Hochschule für Künste.

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Hans Otte

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