Installation view, Photo: Bettina Brach
Exhibition | 10.02.2006 - 22.04.2006

Dieter Roth

Old and New Works from the Maria and Walter Schnepel Collection
For all intents and purposes, Dieter Roth was always anti-museum and rejected any form of permanence; he cast doubt on the prevailing concept of art. He art was, is, and remains unordered, unauthoritative, individualistic, chaotic, oppositional, and operates in all fields—not necessarily solely on the staked-out territory of art. Roth is ill-disposed toward any kind of appropriation. And yet of all places, at the Weserburg, his once rebellious anti-art is being presented in an exemplary way in one of the most impressive private collections of its kind.

In 2002, the Weserburg was able to present a comprehensive Fluxus show with works from the Maria and Walter Schnepel Collection, among which were also works by Dieter Roth—however, not in the scope currently being presented.

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Dieter Roth

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