James Lee Byars, Is Is, 1988, Photo: Gunter Lepkowski
Exhibition | 13.03.2006 EXTENDED UNTIL 21.01.2006


Eight artistic languages will be presented from various genres and operating with contradictory materials, including painting (action), sculpture, video, photography, drawing, text, and spatial installation. In the repainted spaces on the third floor, each of the positions shown will depict an artistic design of the world, will constitute a separate and coherent cosmos in which the respective artistic stance can achieve its most intense expression. On the path through the exhibition, a multifaceted game of contradictory artistic forms and manners of speaking unfolds.

In the dialogue between the eight positions—in their with, in, and against one another—upon closer inspection, one can also experience their similarities and transitions. It is a matter of understanding art as a serious and valid alternative design to a world of normative restraints, as a response to an apparently fixed reality that can no longer be influenced by the individual. Committed art points far beyond any fatalistic "fixing” of the circumstances. And because it is capable of doing so, it extends and perfects "reality” to become "substantiality,” characterizes our current "world” on the whole as changeable.

Artists: James Lee Byars, Konrad Klapheck, Thomas Lehnerer, Juan Muñoz, Hermann Nitsch, Tony Oursler, Reiner Ruthenbeck, and Taryn Simon.

Works from Sylvia and Ulrich Ströher Collection, the Böckmann Collection, the Olbricht Collection, the Goetz Collection, the Lafrenz Collection, and from a private Bremen collection.

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