Gregor Schneider, Müllsack in Wichsecke, Bremerhaven Kabinett für aktuelle Kunst, 1999, Olbricht Collection, © VG Bild Kunst, Bonn 2006, Photo: Gunter Lepkowski
Exhibition | 15.06.2006 - 16.12.2007

Thomas Demand | Gregor Schneider

Works from the Olbricht Collection
The Olbricht Collection contains important works by Gregor Schneider und Thomas Demand, two artists originally from Berlin but now based in Mönchengladbach. Although Demand works with the medium of photography, he does not primarily see himself as a photographer. He reconstructs spaces and situations that have already been disseminated as images in newspapers or on television to form precise scenarios from cardboard and paper, which he in turn takes a photograph of. It is not until one scrutinizes them closely that these perfect model worlds are recognizable as such. They contribute in a special way to aesthetic reflection on our thoroughly mediatized, e.g., for the most part communicated by photos and films, experience of reality.

These photographs have something in common with the sculptures and spaces by Gregor Schneider to the extent that they also suggest something that is not—or not yet—visible. Something that took place—or will take place—in these spaces and scenarios: in this way, the works by the two artists become localizations of intuitions, memories, and suspicions. One need only recall Schneider’s contribution to the Venice Biennale in 2001, in which he transferred part of the house in Rheydt 1:1 in the German Pavilion, through which visitors moved with in part mixed feelings. They were not only guided by flights of stairs, corridors, and doors, but by the subtle mechanisms of their own perception, to which the previously known and unconscious also belong.

It is completely in line with this that Gregor Schneider places his works from the Olbricht Collection in a completely new context, in a space done completely in black and created especially for the exhibition. This includes the large-scale work Müllsack mit Wichsecke, Bremerhaven from 1996, a duplication of the Kabinett für Aktuelle Kunst in Bremerhaven. Extended by a corridor at the entrance, this presentation—the monumental parallel projection of two videos shot at night and various other works from the Essen-based collector—carried out by the artist himself, becomes a space-related Gesamtwerk that is not conceivable anywhere else.

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