Michael Witlatschil, Stand 27–3.2, 1985, Photo: Joachim Fliegner, © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2005, Weserburg Collection
Exhibition | 24.04.2005 - 31.07.2005


Im Mai 2005 scheidet Thomas Deecke, Direktor des Neuen Museum Weserburg Bremen aus. Zu seinem Abschied konzipierte er die Ausstellung Sammel-Leidenschaften mit der er auch ein Resumée seiner Tätigkeit zieht.

The exhibition testifies to his personal passion for certain artistic positions. Within the context of a passion for art, he is presenting a selection of works from all of the private collections that are part of the Neues Museum Weserburg.

It was the passionate commitment of private collectors of contemporary art that first made the founding of this first collector’s museum possible in 1991. With his personal selection of artists and their works both from the Weserburg’s collection as well as from other lenders, Deecke is once again highlighting the importance of the commitment to the art of our time. The focus of his selection is his belief in the necessity of “having patience” (Reiner Ruthenbeck) in order to discover today the beacons of permanence, to separate the “spirit” of the time from the “ghost” of the time, and to present art collecting as the art of critically reflecting on art.

On the one hand, the exhibition is a review of past collections and exhibitions at the Neues Museum Weserburg, but at the same time it has in mind the utopia of an ideal collection from among the many private collections at the museum. Moreover, the selection displays the belief in and the claim to the enduring quality of certain artistic positions, which stand behind the decision for a collection. In this sense, it is not only a review, but also a theory and a perspective for the future.

Participating artists: Armando, Martin Assig, James Lee Byars, Abraham David Christian, Carlfriedrich Claus, Moshe Gershuni, Jochen Gerz, Rebecca Horn, Thomas Lehnerer, Roman Opalka, Martin Rosz, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Lawrence Weiner, and Michael Witlatschil


Funded by the Bremer Landesbank—Kontakte zur Kunst und den Kultur-Investitionsfonds Bremen

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