Exhibition | 26.11.2005 - 17.12.2005

14th Video Art Grant-in-Aid Bremen

Exhibition of the Award Winners 2004
Around one hundred artists from German-speaking countries and Bremen and Bremerhaven’s twin cities answered the call of the Bremer Filmbüro to submit a concept for a work of video art for Bremen’s Video Art Grant-in-Aid. Last year’s jury—Ulrike Kremeier (plattform, Berlin), Hermann Nöring (EMAF, Osnabrück), and Winfried Pauleit (University of Bremen)—gave the winners of the first prize, Katarina Matiasek (Vienna) and Michaela Schweiger (Berlin), €5,000. Christian Meyer and Werner Kuhrmann (Bremen) received a €1,500 grant-in-aid.

Michaela Schweiger’s city of tomorrow–revisited is a walk-through projection: in what is much like a relay, different people tell minimalist stories while visitors are guided through the modernist Hansa district in Berlin. In the process, descriptions and retrospective views of the utopias designed by the architects of 1957 are interwoven.

Katarina Matiasek used a virtual synthesizer to develop a sound curve from the photograph of the coastline of a small, anonymous island. The work is called Island Playback. While the oscillations of this coastline wander through the video image, the island is played back acoustically—as if someone had laid it on a turntable. Skanner, aka Robin Rimbaud (London), edited the soundtrack.
In their collaboration Four Knocks, Christian Meyer and Werner Kuhrmann present the co-action of various elements from computer games and comic-book quotes that make reference to each other in terms of content in film and relief ensembles without losing their pictorial autonomy.

The awarding of the Bremen Video Art Grand-in-Aid is being made possible by support from the Bremen Senator of Culture, the Bremische Landesmedienanstalt, the BIA Bremer Innovations-Agentur GmbH, Radio Bremen, and the Künstlerinnenverband GEDOK.

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