Horst Müller, Das Rendezvous (zwei Werkstattuhren), 1985, Privatsammlung Bremen, Foto: Joachim Fliegner
Exhibition | 01.12.2007 - 02.03.2008

Out of time

Werke aus den Sammlungen
Out of time hat etwa die Bedeutung von "unzeitgemäß", "nicht mehr aktuell" und manche mögen sich noch an den gleichnamigen Song der Rolling Stones aus dem Jahr 1966 erinnert fühlen. Wörtlich könnte es auch "Aus der Zeit heraus" heißen und träfe damit das eigentliche Thema und die Intention dieser Ausstellung. Gezeigt werden vor allem Werke, die mit Zeiterfahrungen zu tun haben: mit gelebter Zeit, mit dem Fortschreiten von Zeit, aber auch mit dem vergeblichen Versuch, sie anzuhalten. Einige Werke beschäftigen sich aber auch mit dem Problem der Darstellbarkeit, den Möglichkeiten und der Unmöglichkeit etwas zu veranschaulichen, ins Bild zu bringen.[more...]
Jörg Immendorff, Der Maleraffe (Dogmatiker), 1990
Exhibition | 13.07.2007 EXTENDED TIL 30.12.2007

Jörg Immendorff

Works from Bremen Collections and Sculptures in Public Space
As we were beginning to realize this exhibition, on Whit Monday, May 28, 2007, we received the news. Jörg Immendorff has died. Jörg Immendorff is dead. No longer among us. A shock. Despite having been aware of the situation. One wants to follow him. “I won’t tolerate your leaving me alone.” A sentence that echoes. Now we are alone. Immendorff is gone. He leaves a gaping hole behind. An abysmal chasm. A deep space. The space of art that gets down to the business of reality. It has to be refilled. The game goes on. And not without him. His presence was so powerful that he remains. At present. And in his works, and beyond. Alive. Glowing . . . [more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
John Isaacs, Say it isn't so, 1994, Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre, London
Exhibition | 12.05.2007 - 28.10.2007

Say it isn’t so

Art trains its sights on the natural sciences
The sciences have always been a theme and a source of inspiration for artists. William Turner was interested in geology, Georges Seurat was animated by the research conducted by the physicists James Clerk Maxwell and Ogden Rood, Wassily Kandinsky was fascinated by the new discoveries in the area of nuclear physics, and Robert Smithson examined the phenomenon of entropy and the laws of thermodynamics—to cite only a few of many examples. The natural sciences have influenced the artistic language of form, supplied the know-how for the execution of certain works of art, have been declared art, have been synthesized with and criticized by art.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
Sigmar Polke, Ohne Titel, 2006, Foto: Joachim Fliegner
Exhibition | 11.03.2007 - 28.05.2007

Paint it blue

Works from the ACT Art Collection | Siegfried Loch
For years now, the ACT Art Collection of the Munich-based jazz producer Siegfried Loch has been developing a very special focus. Since purchasing the painting Blauklang by Ernst Wilhelm Nay, the collector has concentrated more and more on the theme of the color blue. Thus over the years, a thematically-bound collection has evolved that revolves around the fascination with the color blue in works by outstanding artists of our time.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
Erroll Garner, Foto: Siegfried Loch
Exhibition | 11.03.2007 EXTENDED TIL 03.06.2007

Love of my Life

50 Years of Music History | Photographs by Siegfried Loch
His big love is jazz: Siggi Loch, one of Germany’s record label veterans. At twenty-five, he was the youngest director of an international record company (Liberty-United Artists), and he made it all the way to president of Warner Europe. He then fulfilled a childhood dream and founded his own label, ACT, one of today’s leading European jazz labels. [more...]
Anton Stankowski in Paris, 1955
Exhibition | 24.02.2007 - 22.04.2007


Aspects of his Oeuvre
On the occasion of the one hundredth birthday of Anton Stankowski (1906–1998), a large-scale retrospective will provide sweeping insight into the fine and applied art by this artist and designer. This retrospective, which has been assembled by the Stankowski Foundation in Stuttgart, will be shown in the Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen after stations at the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, the Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich, and the Josef Albers Museum Bottrop.[more...]
Adrian Loos, Lust-Kunst. Miss America, o.J.
Exhibition Zentrum | 07.07.2007 - 03.02.2008

“Lick me!”

Artist’s Stamps since the Sixties
Stamps. Those who associate these with boredom and simple postage stamps are way off track: the Weserburg is now showing that stamps can be much more than this, that is to say: art on the tiniest of surfaces. The exhibition Lick me! is entirely devoted to the subject of artist’s stamps since the sixties. The museum has assembled more than three hundred works to present a global ensemble of stamp art. These works include stamps from eastern Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Europe by internationally known artists, such as Robert Watts, György Galantai, Vittore Baroni, George Maciunas, Jenny Holzer, Robert Rehfeld, Anna Banana, and Dieter Roth. [more...]
Patricia Tavenner, Divine Inspiration (Postkarte), 1980
Exhibition Zentrum | 16.06.2007 - 13.01.2008

In the River

Artist’s Publications with a View over the Water
The subject stands to reason in the truest sense of the word: situated in the river on the Teerhof holm, the exhibition In the River presents artist’s publication that in very different ways concentrate on water, rivers, the sea. The artistic treatment of this everyday and yet so fascinating element is reflected in artist’s books, graphic prints, films, and sound works.[more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 18.03.2007 - 13.04.2007

The Space of Action

Sophie Calle and Korpys/Löffler
Presentation in the Galerie Katrin Rabus on the occasion of the symposium of the same name in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation. An exhibition by the Research Center for Artist’s Publications.
Gerhard Rühm. Aus der Edition Lesebilder Bildgedichte – Gumpoldskirchen: DE’A Verlag, 1997, Foto: Bettina Bach
Exhibition Zentrum | 02.03.2007 - 03.06.2007

Gerhard Rühm

Encounters of the Unique Kind | Edited Works 1959–2006
Be it visual music or auditory poetry, Gerhard Rühm’s work is based on the implementation of an absolutely interdisciplinary concept of the arts. His career as an artist began in the early fifties, when he made a name for himself with his avant-garde, experimental compositions of “one-note music.” As co-founder of the legendary Vienna Group, he extended the focus of his interest from music to literature, visual arts, and the theater. [more...]
Joseph W. Huber, Joachim Thurn - Garantiert keine Montage, 1983 (aus der Serie SCHILDERungen FS 028)
Exhibition Zentrum | 02.02.2007 - 27.04.2008

Joseph W. Huber

DENK-ZETTEL aus'm Osten
Joseph W. Huber was initially interested in producing postcards, in designing works of art that were so small that anyone could have them and carry them away in their pocket. He was not concerned with creating unica, but with small reproduced prints. Because printing postcards in the GDR was reserved only for state-owned publishers, the small number of copies the artist produced could in no way be referred to as such. Each printed card has to be ‘ennobled’ to the rank of small print by way of a signature. In the beginning, Joseph W. Huber signed the card with his full name, and, beginning in 1981/82, with his pseudonym Joseph.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]


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