Exhibition | 11.12.2005 - 26.02.2006

Stabile Seitenlage

On the Complexity of the Visual Arts
As a rule, one associates the expression “lateral recovery position” with “first aid.” It designates primarily an urgent life-saving measure. As the title of an exhibition, however, it suggests that the works of art being shown shake up the viewer, expand his or her lungs, and stimulate his or her consciousness.[more...]
Exhibition | 27.11.2005 - 18.12.2005

14th Video Art Grant-in-Aid Bremen

Exhibition of the Award Winners 2004
Around one hundred artists from German-speaking countries and Bremen and Bremerhaven’s twin cities answered the call of the Bremer Filmbüro to submit a concept for a work of video art for Bremen’s Video Art Grant-in-Aid. Last year’s jury—Ulrike Kremeier (plattform, Berlin), Hermann Nöring (EMAF, Osnabrück), and Winfried Pauleit (University of Bremen)—gave the winners of the first prize, Katarina Matiasek (Vienna) and Michaela Schweiger (Berlin), €5,000. Christian Meyer and Werner Kuhrmann (Bremen) received a €1,500 grant-in-aid.[more...]
Exhibition | 06.11.2005 - 27.11.2005

The Confession of a Comical Saint

A Video Installation by Isolde Loock and Wolfgang Stephan Kissel
To this very day, Chekhovian theater has not forfeited any of his worldwide fascination. For decades, many Soviet intellectuals lived with the characters of the seagull or the cherry orchard, even identified themselves with them. After the collapse of the communist system, more and more doubt was placed on familiar visual habits and interpretations, the complexity of dramas was rediscovered. The extent to which the undecidable ambivalence and the symbolic and/or absurd elements suspend a drama’s realism remains controversial both in the West as well as the East.[more...]
Michael Witlatschil, Stand 27 - 3.2, 1985, Foto: Joachim Fliegner, © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2005, Sammlung Weserburg
Exhibition | 24.04.2005 - 31.07.2005


Im Mai 2005 scheidet Thomas Deecke, Direktor des Neuen Museum Weserburg Bremen aus. Zu seinem Abschied konzipierte er die Ausstellung Sammel-Leidenschaften mit der er auch ein Resumée seiner Tätigkeit zieht.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
Exhibition | 27.02.2005 - 28.03.2005

Bremen’s Art Spring

In cooperation with the BBK Bremen, the Bremer 5+, the Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, the Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, and the Künstlerhaus am Deich.
John Baldessari, Umbrella (Orange): With Figure and Ball (Blue, Green), 2004, Foto: Deutsche Guggenheim, © 2004 John Baldessari
Exhibition | 21.02.2005 - 27.03.2005

John Baldessari

(Somewhere Between Almost Right and Not Quite (With Orange)
This is the tenth time that the Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen is presenting works from the Deutsche Bank Collection: Somewhere Between Almost Right and Not Quite (With Orange) comprises works by the American artist John Baldessari. This cycle was commissioned by the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin, a joint venture between the Deutsche Bank and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.[more...]
Exhibition | 21.02.2005 - 27.03.2005

The Ludwig Roselius Museum Foundation

On September 14, 2004, the collection of contemporary art from the Ludwig Roselius Museum Foundation, closely associated with the Böttcherstrasse Art Award (1961–83), transferred fifty works into the possession of the Weserburg. To mark this occasion, the museum is showing a selection of first-rate works by Franz Gertsch, Gerhard Richter, Emil Schumacher, and Günther Uecker.
Exhibition Zentrum | 21.08.2005 - 27.11.2005


Records and Covers by Artists
Comprising more than eight hundred artist’s records and other sound carriers, the exhibition Vinyl—Records and Covers by Artists is presenting the visual and sonant facets of a unique visual arts medium. It includes all of the important art currents of the twentieth-century, from the early avant-garde movements and the main phase of Sound Art in the sixties and seventies, all the way to today’s trends. The union of the LP as a sound carrier and its cover as an image carrier opened up a diverse, hitherto unexplored creative field to visual artists. Transgressing the boundaries of conventional art forms, they took the liberty of exploring the creative possibilities of music, sound, and noises, of speech, voice, and instruments and their manipulation without traditional musical training.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
Jozef Robakowski, Art is Power!, o.J.
Exhibition Zentrum | 22.05.2005 EXTENDED TIL 04.12.2005


Polish Artist’s Publications and The Workshop of the Film Form 1970–1977 Polish Structural Cinema
The exhibition by the Research Center for Artist’s Publications/ASPC is taking place within the scope of the German-Polish Year and consists of two parts, which were combined in the presentation. On the one hand, it is made up of a retrospective of the Film Form Workshop 1970–1977, and on the other, of a comprehensive presentation of Polish artist’s publications, such as, for example, artist’s postcards, artist’s magazines and newspapers, artist’s books, posters, prints, and photographs.[more...]


Tuesday to Sunday 11 am–6 pm
Thursday 11 am–8 p.m.
Closed on Monday


Adults 9 Euro
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