Stephane Leonard: The Bridge's Song, 2008
kek Kindermuseum | 05.12.2008 - 04.01.2009

17. Videokunst Förderpreis Bremen

Ausstellung und Preisverleihung
The Videokunst Förderpreis Bremen has advanced to become an important art prize. It is not awarded to completed works, but to concepts that the prize money makes possible to be brought to fruition. This is extremely important in the area of video art, as works of video art are frequently elaborate productions that cannot be realized without financial support in the first place. Within the scope of the competition, high-quality works on video have been being produced on a regular basis since 1992. Due to the Filmbüro Bremen’s keen commitment, this success story can continue be written this year as well. The works by last year’s recipients of the prize—Aram Bartholl, Maximilian Moll, Stephane Leonard—are now being presented for the first time at a four-week exhibition.[more...]
Katarzyna Kozyra, Strafe und Verbrechen, 2002 (Still)
kek Kindermuseum | 11.10.2008 - 16.11.2008

Katarzyna Kozyra

Strafe und Verbrechen | Cheerleader
Katarzyna Kozyras Videoinstallation "Strafe und Verbrechen", die 2003 zum ersten Mal in New York präsentiert wurde, basiert auf unterschiedlichen Widersprüchen: Zwischen dem, was wir erwarten und dem, was wir tatsächlich bekommen. Zwischen dem, was wir sehen möchten und dem, was wir wahrnehmen können. Zwischen dem, was wir sehen und dem, was wir wissen. Zwischen dem, was wir wissen, und dem, was wir lesen. Zwischen dem, was wir lesen und dem, was wir erwarten zu lesen. Schon der Titel "Strafe und Verbrechen" ist ein Spiegelbild des Titels eines anderen Werkes, das immer im Bewusstsein des durchschnittlichen Lesers präsent ist. Es erscheint uns als ein Fehler, als ein Widersinn zu unseren Gewohnheiten und der Logik. Warum zuerst die Strafe und dann das Verbrechen? Und welches Verbrechen? [more...]
Jean-François Guiton: Fluchtweg, 2008
Exhibition | 13.09.2008 EXTENDED TIL 08.03.2009

Jean-François Guiton

Hinters Licht - Videoarbeiten 1982–2008
The Weserburg is presenting work by the Bremen-based video artist and university teacher Jean-François Guiton in a comprehensive solo exhibition. This ambitious enterprise was made possible by the Board of Trustees of the Plastics Industry, which awarded the Weserburg an art prize of €50,000. The retrospective presents a prominent artist who at the same time has rendered outstanding services to the communication of contemporary art. Following Fritz Schwegler at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and Martin Honert at the Kunsthalle Lipsiusbau, the jury, chaired by the art and literature critic Verena Auffermann, selected Jean-François Guiton for a retrospective.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
kek Kindermuseum | 14.06.2008 - 29.06.2008

An X and a U

An Exhibition by the Hochschule für Künste Bremen
The development of writing is regarded as one of the greatest achievements of civilization, emancipating the cultural history of humanity from the restrictions of oral tradition and individual memory. It was not until the first word was written or printed that the possibility opened up of lastingly preserving experience and knowledge, of fixing agreements or fantasies, of recording hopes and memories in books and passing them on to future generations. More than five thousand years after Sumerian cuneiform writing and Egyptian hieroglyphs, it is Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of printing with movable type that opened up the opportunity for democratizing knowledge: without writing—without the “the black art”—there would have been no Reformation, no Age of Enlightenment, no compulsory school attendance, no complete edition of Goethe, no newspaper, no news, no constitution, no written contracts, no press releases, no telephone book, no Word document, no PDF file.[more...]
Jeff Coons and Cicciolina, Italy 1991, © Helmut Newton Estate
Exhibition | 31.05.2008 EXTENDED TIL 01.02.2009

Helmut Newton

“Bullshit! I love the girls. This is all a feminist misunderstanding.” This was Helmut Newton’s response several years ago to Alice Schwarzer, editor-in-chief of EMMA magazine, accusing him and his nude photographs of being sexist, even racist. Newton was used to rejection. His meticulously staged photographs with their consciously displayed sexuality had always provoked society. In the 1960s, his pictures broke all the rules of traditional fashion photography, evoked a new image of women, and for this reason made him into the most famous and most well paid photographer of the twentieth century. The Weserburg is honoring Newton’s pioneering creative work with a comprehensive exhibition: around 120 works from numerous private and museum collections will be displayed on about 750 square meters of exhibition space.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
R. Kenton Nelson, Charm, 2007, Olbricht Collection, © R. Kenton Nelson, Courtesy Galerie Michael Haas, Foto: Joachim Fliegner
Exhibition | 10.05.2008 EXTENDED TIL 17.01.2010

Go for it

Olbricht Collection (a sequel)
Thomas Olbricht is a committed and passionate collector of contemporary art. He has been associated with the Weserburg for many years, which has shown many of the works of art from his collection, and in 2001 the exhibition Ohne Zögern, die Sammlung Olbricht, Teil 2 received nationwide attention. With its circa 1,500 works by artists from throughout the world, the Olbricht Collection is meanwhile one of the most noted collections of contemporary art. Furthermore, the Essen-based physician and scientist likes to acquire art that falls out of the mainstream, focusing his interest on work by young artists, which makes up more than half of his collection. What makes the collection unique and in some respects provocative is its examination of the themes of the body, death, religion, and sexuality, as well as its interest in not only in the beauty of the human body, but also its vulnerability.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
Exhibition | 04.05.2008 - 06.07.2008

Das Gelbe vom Ei! Farbenrausch zwei

A Participatory Exhibition
Das Gelbe vom Ei! Farbenrausch zwei (The Cat’s Pajamas! Rush of Color Two) is a participatory exhibition for children, youths, and adults. It enables approaching the phenomenon of color with a variety of sensations and experimenting with it. Big and little alike can actively engage in discovering their subjective feelings and thoughts in the context of color, compare them and express them in concrete form. In addition to the effect of color, the exhibition also affords an opportunity to examine the emergence and theory of colors[more...]
Matthias Müller, Alpsee, 1994/2002 (Still), Courtesy Sammlung Goetz, © VG Bild-Kunst, 2008
Exhibition | 12.04.2008 - 17.08.2008

The Morning After

For the first time in northern Germany, the Weserburg is affording the opportunity to see a representative selection of videos from the Goetz Collection. Seventeen well-known artistic positions with works from the 1990s to the present have been assembled in the exhibition The Morning After. Among them are expansive video installations, multipart monitor works, as well as large-format video projections that invite visitors to take an engaging walk through the exhibition.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
Peter Welz, airdrawing | forsythe | right hand up down | study, 2004
Exhibition | 29.02.2008 - 04.05.2008

Peter Welz

it’s too fuckin’ loud and it’s too fuckin’ fast
Peter Welz, born in 1972 in Lauingen, lives in Berlin. He studied at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin from 1993 to 1995, the Cooper Union in New York in 1997, and from 1995 to 1998 he attended the Chelsea School of Art in London. Peter Welz is one of the most outstanding artists in the young German art scene. His works can be found in such important collections as the Goetz Collection, the Falckenberg Collection, or the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt.[more...]
Ausstellungsansicht, Foto: Joachim Fliegner
Exhibition | 23.02.2008 - 05.04.2008

Rolf Julius

Further Away (Music for the Glance Downward)
Rolf Julius, who was born in Wilhelmshaven in 1939 and has been living in Berlin since the 1980s, studied at the Kunsthochschule in Berlin. Familiar with the most recent developments in contemporary music through the pioneering work of Hans Otte within the scope of Pro musica nova for Radio Bremen, in the 1970s, Julius began to integrate sounds and noises as crucial vocabulary into his artistic language. For decades, he has been one of the most important protagonists of an art that is capable of tuning artistic spaces into an atmosphere of precise concentration by way of an open approach to different media.[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
Frank Gerritz, Interstellar Lowway, 2001/2002, Foto: Gunter Lepkowski
Exhibition | 29.01.2008 EXTENDED TIL 04.05.2008

Frank Gerritz

Further down the line
The Weserburg is presenting the first comprehensive museum exhibition dedicated to the oeuvre of Frank Gerritz. Born in 1964 in Hamburg, Gerritz is one of the most outstanding artists of an abstractly operating art. The American art critic Donald Kuspit calls him the last “abstract hardliner.”[more...] The exhibition catalog is published. [to the Shop]
Jean Toche
Exhibition Zentrum | 31.10.2008 - 04.01.2009

Jean Toche

"Jeder darf dieses handliche, digitale Kunstwerk, oder irgendeines der vorhergehenden, oder eines der künftigen ohne meine Erlaubnis vervielfältigen: Kopiert sie, mailt sie, verbreitet sie auf einer Internetseite oder Häuserwänden, vergrößert sie, macht ein Poster, usw ...", Jean Toche[more...]
Nora Schattauer,  Aus dem Künstlerbuch "Wasser?", 2008 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2008
Exhibition Zentrum | 05.09.2008 - 26.10.2008

Nora Schattauer

Künstlerbücher Gefasste Form
Seit mehr als zehn Jahren eröffnet Nora Schattauer dem Betrachter ihrer experimentellen Arbeiten eine neue Welt, die der überraschenden Ästhetik von chemischen Prozessen, von Naturstrukturen und deren Formgesetzen. Um in ihren Bildern offene Flächen von schwebender Farbigkeit zu erzeugen, bedient sie sich ungewöhnlicher Mittel: Mithilfe von Mineralsalzlösungen löst sie Prozesse aus, in deren Verlauf Farben und Formen erst entstehen – die Ergebnisse dieser unvorhersehbaren, jedoch nicht zufälligen Metamorphosen sind von erstaunlichen Gesetzmäßigkeiten in Form und Struktur geprägt.[more...]
Lutz Fritsch aus: Raumsichten, 1991, Foto: Bettina Brach
Exhibition Zentrum | 18.07.2008 - 31.08.2008

Lutz Fritsch

Seite für Seite - Raum für Raum
Lutz Fritsch, 1955 in Köln geboren, ist in Deutschland wegen seiner Skulpturen im öffentlichen Raum vornehmlich als Bildhauer bekannt, praktiziert jedoch auch als Zeichner und Fotograf. Bremen bestückte er bereits 1993 mit seinem Werk „Raum-Fahrt“. Hierbei positionierte er ein gelbes Stahlrohr am Ufer der Weser, ein zweites am Bug des in Bremerhaven beheimateten Forschungsschiffes „Polarstern“. Diese formal konkrete Verbindung zweier Orte äußert sich in ihrer Distanz variabel und stets nur denkbar, da sich beide Stahlstelen aufgrund der Unschiffbarkeit der Weser für die „Polarstern“ nie werden begegnen können. Die Werke des Künstlers Lutz Fritsch zeugen im Ganzen von seinem Fokus auf räumliche Beziehungen, die es zu verändern, entdecken, erschaffen und für Menschen erfahrbar zu machen gilt.[more...]
Jenny Holzer, "Men Don’t Protect You Anymore", Holzpostkarte aus der Serie "Survival", 1983 – 1985
Exhibition Zentrum | 23.05.2008 - 15.06.2008

Jenny Holzer

Multiples and Artist’s Books
The installation and Conceptual artist Jenny Holzer is frequently called a poet, for the word dominates her art. Holzer’s short, concise, sometimes ironic, and in part bitter statements are applied to products such as pencils, coffee cups, T-shirts, golf balls, and baseball caps, but are also displayed in public spaces such as New York’s Time Square or on simple urban façades or telephone booths. In order to bring her art into circulation, she avails herself of the commercial strategies of the advertising industry while at the same time making us aware of the all-devouring existence of advertising. Her dissemination media in the meantime include multimedia installations, three-dimensional LED screens, Internet projections, and music videos shown on MTV.[more...]
Andreas Grunert, aus: 1 Nervensommer, 1998
Exhibition Zentrum | 16.05.2008 EXTENDED TIL 18.01.2009

Friederike Mayröcker / Andreas Grunert

Parallel to the exhibition Friederike Mayröcker und Ernst Jandl, the Research Center is also presenting the cycle 1 Summer of Nerves by Friederike Mayröcker and Andreas Grunert, a collaborative effort pro-duced within the course of a year. Mutual inspiration and influence through text and image allowed the two-way development of this work.[more...]
Publikationen von Friederike Mayröcker
Exhibition Zentrum | 16.05.2008 EXTENDED TIL 18.01.2009

Friederike Mayröcker und Ernst Jandl

Concrete and Experimental Poetry
“Exaggerate grammar! Let everyday conversation give you wings! Gamble with goniometer and compass! Disrupt language a little bit more!” [more...]
Wolf Vostell, Umgraben, 1974, Foto: Andreas Buttmann
Exhibition Zentrum | 26.04.2008 EXTENDED TIL 29.03.2009

Art on Air

Radio Art in Flux
Radio art comprises works created by artists specifically for radio: from sound or noise compositions, radio plays, actions or concerts, sound performances, satellite sound sculptures, soundscapes, radio art installations, networked (media) projects, all the way to electroacoustic or digital music.[more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 18.04.2008 - 18.05.2008

Mr. Peanut a.k.a. Vincent Trasov

The man in the peanut costume—that’s Vincent Trasov. The Canadian artist has become famous for his performances in the role of Mr. Peanut not only in Vancouver, but throughout the world. Between 1969 and 1974, he appeared at numerous art actions and events dressed as a peanut until he ultimately ran for governor within the scope of a twenty-day performance.[more...]
Exhibition Zentrum | 23.02.2008 - 27.04.2008

Archive Slivers: Home and the Foreign

“Home and the Foreign”—the Arbeitskreis Bremer Archive takes up the motto of the nationwide Archive Day (March 1–2) in a joint exhibition. Documents and letters, photographs and films, interviews and music, as well as artist’s publications tell stories of immigration and migration, of arriving and leaving, of the loss of one’s home and finding a new one. The variety of archival material becomes vivid. On display are film rarities from immigration ships from the twenties, letters written by a deckhand in the fifties, photographs of people who had to yield to an industrial settlement, flyers on the situation of foreign students, and much more.[more...]


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