Urban Art

Works from the Reinking Collection

Catalogue in conjunction with the exhibition at the Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art from May 16–August 31, 2009
Curated by Ingo Clauß, Adrian Nabi, Rik Reinking

The catalogue is being published by Hatje Cantz

Urban art conquers public space with stickers, extensive murals, and stenciled graffiti, leaving behind its marks and symbols in cities throughout the world. By means of their subtle, humorous, sometimes even offensive interventions in the urban landscape, the artists force open our practiced visual habits and enter into a dynamic dialogue with the public with their actions, unusual objects, sculptures, and writing.

At the center of this publication are works from the Reinking Collection, which contains representative pieces by the most influential artists of the movement, such as Brad Downey, Banksy, Mark Jenkins, Zevs, and many others. This volume examines the reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of urban art and sheds light on the effect the transfer of these works into a museum environment has had on both the works themselves and their reception.

Texts: Ingo Clauß, Sotirios Bahtsetzis und Stephen Riolo

Interview: Alain Bieber und Rik Reinking

Ed.  Ingo Clauß Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst
192 pages, 107 color illustrations

22,70 x 17,00 cm


ISBN 978-3-7757-2503-3

Price: 25.00 €
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